Lives and works in Austin, TX


MAT    (2005) – The School of the Museum of Fine Arts/ Tufts University- Boston, MA

BFA      (1999) - The School of the Art Institute of Chicago- Chicago, IL 

Artist Statement

I utilize mineral structures as the primary source imagery in my work. When examined closely, the crystalline structures appear to be miniature worlds; an uncharted terrain, ancient archeological site or pioneering architecture. I am intrigued by the variations in form, color and complexity that make naturally occurring formations feel as though they are engineered objects. Through formal choices I redefine what that source structure is, allowing it to bounce back and forth between the natural and the manmade.

The goal of mineralogy is to identify, define and classify minerals; Scientific illustrations describe the angles and planes that distinctly define the form of a particular mineral. My goal is to obfuscate and decontextualize those same forms. Through manipulation of scale, flattening surfaces, and revealing lines or planes that are not intended to be visible, I transform the original object. What began as a visually descriptive representation of a solitary mineral structure now reads as interior spaces, architecture or landforms. I am interested in the way one interprets gradient, surface and space when there is no concrete “up” or “down”. A gradient may read as having depth or alternatively can be interpreted as a reflective highlight. Forms may appear to recede or protrude depending on application of color and location within the composition.

At their core, my drawings and paintings are intended to create a sense of environment. They hang in the balance between familiar and completely fictional at the same time. Do these fractured spaces really exist?

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